Arrest your
revenue leakage by
the partial traffic drops and speed degradation in real time

Rise above the Web 1.0 era and look at the Web 2.0 site speed metrics
'StartRender' and 'SpeedIndex' for real users using Epsilon Delta's Gemini.


Benchmark your real user speed and get notified about speed degradation and traffic drops in real time. Take corrective actions based on the automated alert analysis, which pinpoint the probable areas of concern.

According to our study, a medium trafficked site has about 180 minutes of partial traffic drops in a month. Majority of these partial traffic drops go unnoticed and result in revenue leakage and conversion drop. With Gemini, you can detect changes in site speed and traffic behavior in real time and get alerted with the cause of the concern.

Available for integration on all major browsers, and most major technologies like Single Page Apps (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), the integration process is easy and quick.

Consulting Engagement

The company offers its Professional Services to various clients, where it works on analysis, base lining speed and implementation of various performance optimization recommendations.

Epsilon Delta aims to achieve minimum 30% improvement in the speed. Our clients are extremely happy about our performance consulting engagements. About 40% of our clients have repeated our engagements.

Who we are

Epsilon Delta is evangelizing User Experience as Speed perception by providing innovative measurements and the insights. We have managed to measure real user browser experience to provide Speed Index and start Render time, which only a handful of companies across the world have managed to do.

We continuously innovate in the field to measure newer experience provided by the Browsers.

About the Founder:

Mr. Swapnil Parulekar, having more than 18 years of experience, is the founder of Epsilon Delta. Over the course of years, he got the chance to work in the global product company Yahoo! for about nine years and innovate in the field of web performance.

Mr. Parulekar spent close to three years in Quikr India as Director of Performance and Security, overlooking the function of speed and Cybersecurity for Quikr users. He managed to establish performance as first class citizen among the engineering team along with world class measurement systems.

Mr. Parulekar calls himself the advocate of users for better speed. With this passion, he established Epsilon Delta so that users across the world will be benefited with faster user experience.


Above the Fold Paint Time

In the Web 2.0 world, the Time to first paint and Average time to paint the screen are the most important metrics. Gemini measures them for all of the real users.

Better Slicing and Dicing

We have identified newer ways to aggregate the data which provide improved analytic experience. We focus on the performance for all users and a special focus on the worst affected users. We do not do sampling, hence all of the user experience is analyzed.

Innovative Insights

Along with the speed, the bounce rate, the ad blocker penetration, the user download speed are some of the key insights we provide to understand the performance trends better.

SPA Measurements

With the spread of latest technologies like AngularJS, the user experience has changed dramatically. Fortunately Gemini is already there to help you measure the paint experience of the Single Page Applications based on AngularJS.

Developer Friendly Recommendations

We know that the developers can fix performance issues only when you show the pain areas in the code and the resources, and not in the public infrastructure which you have no control. Gemini will let you know the slowest modules above the fold, slowest resources in the waterfall aggregated across all samples and the page waterfall of each sample if you need it.

Expert Support

Along with the measurements, expert support is available for performance optimization.

Excellence and exceptional attention to details!

Our client’s reviews

Check our customers experience to make sure that we are perfect choice for any website.

"Epsilon Delta team has deep knowledge in the site speed and web performance domain. They use innovative concepts to give page level and architectural improvements. The performance consulting engagement resulted in more than 50% improvement in the site speed of BSEIndia website. I will highly recommend Epsilon Delta team for web performance engagement."

Mr Amit Mahajan
Head Information Products and Procurement
BSE Ltd. (Bombay Stock Exchange)

"Had engaged the Epsilon Delta team on a consulting basis to help improve site performance and identify security vulnerabilities if any. The team led by Swapnil has deep expertise and understanding of measuring and improving page speed performance. They were able to understand our business & product and based on the existing implementation were able to identify quite a few opportunities of improving the over site speed. They also helped our team in better understanding best practices in web app implementation wrt page speed improvement. Besides the team also helped with creating certain IT policies and SOPs following industry best practices. Epsilon Delta team was highly professional and deeply engaged on the ground during the project."

Kunal Shah
Co-Founder & CTO

"Swapnil and his team came with an in-depth expertise in the performance optimization space and helped us address the issues with page load times and performance on our website effectively. We saw a considerable improvement on avg load times which also led to better user experience and improvement in our engagement numbers. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for help with performance improvement and scaling."

Asif Mohamed
Co-Founder and CTO
Momspresso (formerly mycity4kids)

"During my experience with Epsilon Delta, Swapnil and his team have shown great skill and expertise in Web Performance Optimization. They have systematically improved site speed performance and have helped in resolving a lot of performance related customer experience issues. This was one engagement in which the ROI was truly met. Swapnil is also a great professional to work with, someone who delivers what he has promised. "

Anup Nair

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