Does Site Speed (performance) really matter?

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In today’s world of digital presence, we all talk about site speed being important parameter for user experience. We have heard about various stories and studies that showsite speed the impact of site speed to the user engagement and the bounce rate. Let me describe this topic in more details showing exact relation, giving examples for India market which is probably the fastest growing digital market in the world.

Unfortunately when someone talk about the word ‘performance’ in the internet domain, most people relate it to different concepts. Digital marketing team will relate the term to the return on the marketing campaign which include cost per click etc. A dev-ops will relate it to the RPM, request per minute a server can take. Lets be clear that we are talking about end user page load time for a single or all of users.

Performance means User Experience

In today’s world of digital presence, performance means the user experience. Now user experience is one of the very important parameters the digital product owners must track meaningfully. A bad performance means bad user experience. Bad user experience means negative publicity. A happy customer is far more better than a disgruntled customer. A first impression is always the last impression. If the first page load is not fast enough, the chances that the user will not be happy about it and will most likely share the experience with his/ her friend circle and family. Hence slow site speed can have a reputation loss.

Bad Performance means revenue loss

Slow site speed causes revenue loss in terms of various parameters. A slow site has a high bounce rate, sometimes in the tune of 60-70%. This means out of every 100 users landing on the page, about 60-70 do not go beyond the first page. Thus the marketing budget spent to get them on the site is wasted.

Slow site also means user is frustrated on the site and hence he/ she is less likely do any online transaction.

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